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Hana Schwarz (Veterinarian)

Hana Schwarz (Veterinarian)

Hana graduated as DVM from UNEFM School of Veterinary Medicine in Coro-Falcón state, Venezuela in 2007. She moved to Canada in 2010, and after intense training, received accreditation by the CVMA and the CVO in 2014.

In November 2018 Dr. Schwarz joined our team as an associate, and in 2020 she became clinic co-owner. Dr. Schwarz is an advocate of continuous education in different topics of small animal veterinary medicine, like internal medicine, diagnostics, ophthalmology, dentistry and dermatology to name a few.

In her spare time Dr. Schwarz enjoys being at home relaxing, watching television, going to the gym and enjoying quality time with family, her partner and also friends. Hana has currently one pet dog, his name is Kevin, you can read more about him below as he is the clinic’s “AmbassaDOG”

Dr. Schwarz habla Español y consultas están disponibles previa cita.


 What do WE think of our Veterinarian, Hana?

Hana is our Venezuelan veterinarian with a quirky sense of humor and a passion for modern veterinary medicine. Have you ever heard her talk about IRIS? Ask anyone at the clinic if you want to know about it and we’ll book you a 2-hour time slot. Hana can be very vocal or very quiet, depending on what her brain is thinking about. Often, she will come up with a weird joke that only she understands and this is when you hear her giggle (so adorable).

If you have a camera out at RAH you will be sure to find Hana dressing up pets and herself to have a picture taken. Hana finds all the reasons to dress her patients up for different holidays and festivals: whether it’s for Halloween, with Santa for Christmas, for kisses on Valentine’s Day, or St. Patrick’s Day. If a Great Dane or another giant breed dog comes in to visit, she usually has us take pictures of her while around them, over them and even under them.  There are few things Hana loves more than big dogs. The only thing Hana can possibly do faster than take a picture is  post it to our social media.

Meaghan Worrall (Veterinarian)

Meaghan grew up in Mississauga always having a dog by her side. She completed her bachelor is biomedical science, with a minor in nutrition at the University of Guelph. She then went on to graduate from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2016.

She lives with her partner, dog and cat. Her dog’s name is Jackson, who she adopted while volunteering abroad in 2014. And Tails is their special needs kitty who was adopted from Annex Cat Rescue in 2021. Tails is paralyzed in her back legs, however still zooms around and doesn’t let it slow her down. They are both being the sweetest creatures a mother could ask for. When Meaghan’s not at work or reading about new treatments in veterinary medicine, she likes to go hiking, skating, play hockey, and go on road trips with the family.

We are very proud of Meaghan to receive the 2024 OVMA Associate of the year award.

Associate of the Year - Meaghan Worrall

What do WE think of our Veterinarian, Meaghan?

Meaghan, or Dr. Letters, as Hana loves to call her, is charming, caring and sweet to the tooth and bone, she is here to stay forever. Megs was with us for 3 seconds before she rapidly became the superglue that holds everything together. It is no surprise to anyone that she earned the trust and love of the staff by day 3 of her joining the clinic. Her most contagious word ever is “yeahhh.” This has gone viral with all the staff! We blame her husband for this!

 Dr. Letters has the sweetest little voice for all dogs regardless of age or gender, and the deepest voice for all felines. If ever unhappy (not often at all), we can ALL recognize this as she will grunt like Marge Simpson would.

She is an awesome cook and foodie, loves the outdoors and going for hikes. During the winter, she loves a good TV show and a glass of wine. She’s pretty much like any other regular human, even though I am not sure she is one as she is just too good to be from this earth!

Meaghan has the most adorable dog, his name is Jaxon, a rescue from Thailand, he has the softest armpits ever (Hana just loves those armpits to almost a creepy level). Meaghan also has 2 rescued cats named Dora and Tails.


Alana Kestelman (Veterinarian)

Alana graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2007. The first five years of her career were spent working in a busy 24-hour veterinary emergency hospital in Ottawa where she saw it all – broken bones, wounds, toxicities, and more.

Since moving to Toronto, she has been practicing at a number of veterinary clinics, as a locum veterinarian. She has a special interest in senior pet care, behavior, nutrition, and she loves to empower pet owners with the knowledge to be the best pet-parents that they can be.

Alana loves spending time with her husband, their three kids, a rescue Doberman, and a senior kitty.

What do WE think of our Alana?

Alana is just wonderful, she is quick, full of passion and emotions. She has no problem telling you what’s on her mind.

Excellent talented veterinarian, super fun to be around, has 1001 stories of things she has done, she is a real rockstar. So much talk about life experiences and cases.

She does this thing with her finger and wrist (like a spin motion) when she is explaining stuff to clients, it’s the best!

I am just happy and proud to call her a team member.

Laura (Administrative Assistant)

George Brown College RNA graduate
Continuous education participant

Laura has been a member of our team since 1991. She has a busy life with three teenage daughters, part time managing with us and a full-time job with Air Canada Cargo. 

Laura loves spending time with her family and volunteering with different organizations. While at the clinic or at home, she is consistently assisting with the improvements of the clinic or helping out a colleague. 

She loves coming home to be greeted by her old man Biscuit the Parson Jack Russel, Berlynn the Cane Corso and Polly her polydactyl cat.

What do WE think of our Administrative Assistant, Laura?

Once our Manager, now she is into numbers and keeping things in writing—we don’t know what we’d do without her! (actually, we do—the clinic would be a hot mess without her!) She is always making tea and steeping it for way too long, eventually forgetting about it and drinking it cold. She is consistently making sure everyone is comfortable and well-fed all of the time and also making sure every patient is seen in a timely manner. 

Laura is ALWAYS aware of everything going on in the clinic, she hears everything ALL the time, even when she isn’t here! We have no idea how she does this… (we think Michelle secretly texts her).

Michelle (Registered Veterinary Technician)

Michelle has been with us since 2013, however has been working in the veterinary field for years before. In August 2022, Michelle received her license as a Registered Veterinarian Technician. We are very proud of Michelle and all she has accomplished. She is a mother to 3 hyper dogs, Odessa the Cane Corso as well as Meatball and Una which are smaller exotic bullies. Her interests are canine reproduction and nutrition.

What do WE think of our Registered Veterinary Technician, Michelle?
Michelle is our resident comedian—she always knows how to get a laugh out of us during the worst of times. She is never afraid to speak her mind, speaks up for others, stands up for any four-legged furry that needs help, or wear Henry’s shoes and we love her for all of it! Michelle is our go-to dog whisperer and canine behavior guru. And whatever you do, DO NOT MESS WITH HER INVENTORY! She also enjoys popping the bubble wrap that comes with glass products (Laura despises her doing this). Her special skills are barbequing and air frying anything.

Sue (Registered Veterinary Technician)

Sue graduated from a 3 year veterinary technology program in 1987. Since then, she has worked at various small animal veterinary hospitals, and emergency and referral centers in Canada and the United States. Sue joined the Roncesvalles Animal Hospital team in May of 2023. With an interest in emergency medicine and helping critical patients in need, She also works occasionally at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Toronto. Sue is a proud mama of Kona and Aspen, 7-year-old domestic siblings. Sue enjoys an active healthy lifestyle being outdoors with her fur babies as well as kayaking, biking, hiking, and weight training. 

What do WE think of our Registered Veterinary Technician, Sue?

Sue is great! A vet friend texted us a while back and asked us, hey do you need a RVT? I know one, she is great. Well…… she was not wrong. Sue has all the years of experience in many forms of practice from general to emergency care, she is smart and quiet and also quietly brilliant, which is my absolute favorite combination in anyone. She is a little corky too!

In a fitness scale of 1 to 10, Sue is a 14. She reminds me of my Physiology prof back home, prof by day and fitness instructor by night. One would say she is the speedy Gonzalez of the city’s west end, and I though I was fast….. well I guess I have met my match!


Julia (Veterinary Assistant)

Julia has been working in the veterinary field since 2020 after graduating as a Veterinary Assistant. Starting with us in October, she is one of the newest members of our team. Her passion is to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. After hours, she likes to spend time with chapo her super cuddly and hyperactive Azorian cattle dog and her sassy queen of the house, Maryjane. Julia also loves to travel and hike and has been to Hawaii, Italy, Ecuador and will be continuing her journeys in the future.

What do WE think of our Veterinary Assistant, Julia?

Julia is like Katie Perry; She’s a champion and you’re going to hear her MEOWWWWWW. Her war words when handling a patient are: none, she is either quiet or laughing. Julia is super loud when patients are not around, she has a lot of energy and really nothing stops her. She travels from Kipling and north far somewhere away to come here on a daily basis and she wants to become a Registered Veterinary technician one day.

She loves her dog Chapo so much that allows him to wreck her car over and over, the life of a veterinary aficionado, I guess.



Sara (Veterinary Assistant)

Sara joined the team in April 2023 as one of Roncesvalles Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Assistants.

She has been in the field just shy of one year and is excited to continue her growth in the world of veterinary medicine and care.

Sara is the proud owner of an adorable cockapoo named Rupert and a lovely, handsome cat she’s had for many years named Benny.

For as long as Sara can remember, she has always had pets in her life. From cats to dogs, rabbits to hamsters, fish to reptiles… you name it, she’s cared for them!

Her genuine love and compassion for animals is never-ending, and that is one of the many reasons she is driven and inspired to be in this field.

Sara adores assisting in looking after each and every single animal that comes into our clinic as well as meeting all of our wonderful clients. Sara has a strong passion for customer service and is always happy to help. She can’t wait to meet you and your fur baby to assist you in all of your needs!

What do we think of our Veterinary Assistant, Sara?

Since Sara joined us, Henry decided Sara’s stage name or “clinic nickname” is Mama Rosa, like an Italian Nona! Sara has made it abundantly clear that she is in it to win it, she is eager to learn and be involved in all the clinic things and all the happenings. 

Mama Rosa is of Italian background and her voice travels quickly and loudly around the clinic, the louder she gets, them more Italian she sounds, she cannot whisper or speak at regular decibels, which means that we are constantly entertained with her stories (whether we want to be a part of it, or not). 

Sara has a deep love for makeup and fashion, always looking top notch and ready to partee while in scrubs.

Sam (Veterinary Assistant)

Sam has been working in the veterinary field since 2015 after graduating from a veterinary assisting program. She joined the Roncesvalles team in November of 2023.
Through her many years as an assistant, Sam has had the pleasure of working in a multitude of environments. She has spent years working in emergency/ICU departments, research facilities and family vet practices all over Toronto.
When not at work you can find Sam out on an adventure on her bike, playing some sort of instrument, playing nerdy games with friends, or taking photos of squirrels. After a long day, Sam goes home to her fiancée; Jess, and 3 fur-babies (Kenai, Tanner and Sunny) whom she loves dearly. 

What do we think of our Veterinary Assistant, Sam?

Sam is an interesting one, she is pretty much a younger version of Hana, talks a lot, is often correct and loves animals. She is eager to jump in and help out and always wanting to do something.

Sam is corky, fast-minded and fun to be around. Full of pep and energy, she makes me a little jelly. Especially when I am sitting under my heated blanket and I can hear her doing stuff, I used to have that level of energy once upon a time.

Jenny (Client Care Specialist)

Jenny started working with us in February 2023 and has been working in the veterinary industry for only 2 years. She instantly fell in love with the field and loves working with animals. Being a fur mom herself, she is always ready to help other pet parents with whatever they need! She is ecstatic to be a member of the Roncesvalles Animal Hospital team! Outside of work she has a busy lifestyle running her own business, going to the gym and playing with her three fur babies at home! She has two feisty chihuahuas named Yuki and Chico and a Frenchie named Celine! Safe to say she’s a busy girl who loves her doggy’s!

What do we think of our Client Care Specialist, Jenny?
What an enigma this one is, hard worker to the tooth and bone, huge personality, huge keenness for hot pot (I witnessed it) and ketchup. Something tells me it is cheaper to dress her than to feed her… I also found out that she is a gym fanatic and somehow enjoys it! I am starting to consider the possibility that she is a member of DC comics or Marvel (AKA: alien), Jenny is a machine; she just does not stop all day long and always with a smile on her face.

Marcela (Client Care Specialist)

Marcela started working with us in February 2022 and is new to the veterinary field. She has spent the last few years in customer service and is ready for learning something new. Marcela has such a great passion for helping animals, and is always eager to learn new things. She loves coming into work and seeing all the furry faces that pop in.

When she’s not at work she’s at home taking care of her own mini zoo! She has a dog named Luna, cat Loki, two Senegal parrots, and a cat fish! And I think she just acquired another dog.

What do we think of our Client Care Specialist, Marcela?

Marcela or Chela is just a wonderful person, sweet, caring, pretends to be quiet… but… she is not! If quiet, it’s only because she is writing a ton of notes. Sai thinks she is a professional writer, but not the kind you think.. no señor, que va!. She has a huge heart and recently opened her home to a stranded puppy. Perhaps you have already met Raine at the clinic, she needed shelter and in no time, Marcela snatched her up and said SHE’S MINE.

The rest of our team...

A brown and white dog at the veterinarian's office

Kevin (Clinic Ambassadog)

As the younger fur-child of Dr. Schwarz, Kevin was welcomed into our clinic family shortly after his arrival in Canada from Texas in May 2020. Though timid at first, Kevin quickly developed a strong bond with his new parents and older brother, Homer. As an Anatolian Shepherd Mix, it’s no surprise that Kevin is extremely protective of his flock (aka sheeple) and very, very smart. Ask Kevin about pet insurance #emesis– see our instagram for more details on Kevin’s mouse ingestion adventure.

What do WE think of our Ambassadog Kevin?
Kevin is a sweet, introverted boy with a big personality (once you get to know him.) He has a small circle of trust and a big heart, especially when food is involved.
Kevin’s war words when handling staff are: ” Gurrrrrr” DO NOT TOUCHESSSS ME! but geeeevesss me the treaaattts.

Kevin’s likes: Puzzles, other dogs, visits to Cherry Beach, going to the trailer, walkies, snacks, playtime with moms, coffee time with moms, snuggle time with moms, sleeping on his moms, and chasing squirrels and kibble topped with chimmkens.

Kevin’s dislikes: Gridlock, trucks, surprise parties

Our veterinary diagnosis is: Social anxiety (agoraphobia) with hyper attachment AKA: velcro dog

If Kevin was a human he would likely be: The slightly awkward, shy, academic boy next door who loves his friends. Like Leonard of “Big Bang Theory”.

Berlynn (Clinic Ambassadog)

Berlynn is the youngest member of our team. A Cane Corso, born in June 2021 she loves to hang out at the clinic and enjoy the cuddles from all the staff. She was born with 2 congenital abnormalities a VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) and the biggest of big hernia’s we have ever seen. Dr. Skutelsky repaired the hernia, but the VSD is something that will need to be monitored, however she should live a full and happy life. Now that Berlynn is old enough and her heart has been examined to allow her to, she has become a canine blood donor to be able to help other dogs in need.

What do WE think of our Ambassadog Berlynn?

Berlynn is a nosy puppy that likes to get into anything that can open and if it doesn’t open she can make it open. Recently Berlynn’s mom Laura forgot her phone on the couch, so she tried to call her. Unfortunately she couldn’t figure out the password however helped mom get a new phone case by eating the old one.

Berlynn Blood donor

Berlynn’s war words when handling staff are: Feed me treats, I’ll sit and give paw and lay down as much as you want if you love me, kiss me and give me treats.

Berlynn’s likes: Going to the clinic to hang out with Una Spud her best best friend (as seen in photo), sleeping, eating and playing with other chipper dogs at the dog park. And she LOVES her little big brother however he doesn’t feel the same.

Berlynn’s dislikes: Nail trimming, cuddling under pressure, being calm with her big brother

Our veterinary diagnosis is: Ventricular Septal defect

If Berlynn was a human she would likely : Have 2 king sized beds and many sheets as she drools a lot.

Our next blood donation day is August 16 2024 - Find Out More & Sign Up
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