We are requesting you to complete these questions prior to your visit with us. This will help make your pet's appointment go smoothly. Please note we are still operating on a locked door policy and we will be taking your pet from you at the door and giving you a call to discuss the appointment.
    This individual should be the owner on the account file, responsible for decisions and payments and of legal age (18+) .
  • Please list the reasons you are bringing your pet to the clinic. Include any clinical signs, duration of illness, and description of any lumps or bumps if there is any.
    Please be informed that the charge for the doctor's time is not optional (exam, recheck, office call, etc.) We will create an estimate for any further needed treatment. The estimate may change after examining your pet, however will be discussed with you before we proceed. If there is a blood profile on your estimate it will show in 2 parts, as blood/urine collection and the profile name.
  • Do you have any leftovers? If so how many do you have? Are they in good date or expired? Please be honest so we can treat your pet accurately.
  • For example; Are they fear bitters, jumpers, scratches, muzzle needed etc.. We can provide a calming package to help reduce the anxiety. Please let us know.
    We can sign you up to the email on file for a free trial. If you say YES, please check your email a few hours after your appointment. If you did not receive the notice, check your junk box before calling us to re-submit it to you. You will have about 24 hour to accept the offer then it will expire. Please remind us during your appointment to activate this for you.
    At times during your pet’s visit, we may take pictures. Your consent here will act as authorization to use these pictures on Roncesvalles Animal Hospital Facebook, Instagram and social media pages.
    For payments we are accepting all major credit cards, Debit, e-transfers or cash. ** Any verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated and services may be withdrawn for anyone not conducting themselves in an appropriate manner. ** 1. CANCELLATION within 5 HOURS of APPOINTMENT time/Charge for late arrival - $20.00 2. NO-SHOW for APPOINTMENT time - $37.50 3. NO-SHOW for SURGERY time - $60.00 We require a MINIMUM of 5 hours’ notice of a canceled appointment. We ask that if you can, you call to cancel no less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. We appreciate your consideration and understanding of this policy.