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Blue-Green Algae: Danger Lurking in the Water

It’s HOT out! Heat waves seem like the best time to take the pooch to a pond, lake, river, or stream, where she can get some exercise while staying cool and hydrated. Ironically, it may be the worst time to do this. From mid-summer to early fall, cyanobacteria, the dangerous bacteria often referred to as […]

High Tech for Pets: Friend or Foe?

The pet technology industry is booming. In 2021, it generated USD 1.41 billion in revenue and is expected to rise to USD 3.65 billion by 2030. While some features can enhance a pet’s quality of life, pet technology can also be misused and be a detriment to a pet’s health and welfare. Automatic smart feeders. […]

The Veterinary Workforce is in Crisis

You may have recently noticed that wait times for veterinary appointments, emergency care, and prescription refills are getting longer. This is because the veterinary workforce is in crisis. While the demand for the profession is predicted to grow 17% by 2030, there aren’t enough veterinarians, veterinary technicians, or support staff to keep up. If pet […]

Help Your Pup Keep His Cool This Summer

Summer is here and that means long, warm, sunny days to spend with our pups outside! Just as we take our own summer safety precautions like wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated, the same goes for our pets, and it’s up to us to keep them safe and comfortable on hot days. Heat stroke, also known as […]

Senior Pets: When “Slowing Down” is More Serious

As our pets enter their “golden years” we often presume they will start “slowing down”, with longer naps and shorter play sessions. While some of these changes are normal and expected, others could be warning signs that something is medically wrong. Aging itself is not a disease, but older pets are more likely to develop […]

How To Avoid Online Pet Scams

Whether looking for a purebred puppy or an exotic parrot, online scams are out there, attracting people with too-good-to-be-true prices and direct-to-home shipping offers. All the while, the animal either doesn’t exist, is carrying a disease, or has been poached from the wild and imported illegally. The phrase “buyer beware” has never been truer today […]

Homeless Cats Are Hidden Healthcare Workers

If you’re reading this, you’re likely an animal lover who already knows that life is better with pets! In fact, research to understand the ways pets can impact their owners’ health and well-being, has identified one group of pet owners who are happier and healthier than all others—cat owners. But that’s not all. Of these […]

Do any of these pet owner stereotypes describe you?

Whether based on studies, surveys, television, or the latest viral quiz on social media, there are stereotypes for just about everyone and everything. And don’t pet owners know it! Any woman with more than two cats has heard the “crazy cat lady” reference. And if you muzzle your garbage-eating dog on walks, you’ve probably seen […]

Safety Precautions for Four-Legged Garden Assistants

The snow is gone, and the trees are finally starting to show the green buds of new life. For many gardeners, it is time to dust off their gloves and take up their tools to transform their yards from the dull drab of winter to the new life of springtime. But as you head outdoors, make sure to consider […]

Tick Vectors for Lyme Disease Are Back

The Companion Animal Parasite Council released its 2022 Pet Parasite Forecast and the details will certainly bug you. Tick populations are on the rise, and they are spreading to new territories, meaning the disease-causing bacteria they carry are, too. Most concerning to people and pets are the tick vectors for Lyme disease (black-legged or deer […]

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